Parish of Balbriggan


Confirmation Mass
On the day of your child’s Baptism you brought them to the Church and began their journey of faith. You stood before the priest and the community of the Church, represented by your family and friends and promised to ‘keep the flame of faith alive in their hearts’ (Rite of Baptism). The same child you brought to the Church on the day of Baptism is now growing up and part of that is making choices, including in the area of faith. On the day of Confirmation it is time for young people to take on the responsibility for their own faith.

The Process

At Home

How can you prepare for Confirmation at home?

A note for Parents/Guardians – August 2014

Our Parish programme of Preparation  will begin in October and you will receive a note about our Meeting for Parents. If you have not got your child’s Catholic Baptismal Cert/Card, now is a good time to get it from the Church where you child was baptised. You will be asked for this Cert./Card in November.

Dates for the Sacrament of Confirmation